Enable Users to log off their own RDP TS session with PowerShell

24. November 2015


PowerShell Version: >1
Modules: none

This script will check your TS servers for a session with $env:Username and logoff that session. This of course only works if $env:username on client and TS are the same 😉 Also I made an effort to make it work on PS v1 for all clients to be able to execute this.

# mention all terminal servers here
$server1 = "SERVER1-FQDN"
$server2 = "SERVER2-FQDN"

# build an array for the foreach
$ts_server_array = @()
$ts_server_array += $server1
$ts_server_array += $server2

# do this for each terminal server in the environment
foreach ($ts_server in $ts_server_array)
        # use qwinsta for oldschool session log off (maximum compatibility)
        $qwinsta = qwinsta /server:$ts_server | ForEach-Object {$_.Trim() -replace "\s+",","}
        $activeusersTS = @()
        foreach ($item in $qwinsta)
            if ($item -like "rdp*")
                # remove the "rdp-tcp#... if present"
                $activeusersTS += $item -replace "^(.*?),",""
                # if there is no "rdp-tcp#..." in the line we're good
                $activeusersTS += $item
        foreach ($user in $activeusersTS)
            if ($user -like "$env:Username*")
                # get User line and remove everything left but the Session ID
                $userid = $user -replace "^(.*?),","" -replace ",.*",""
                # logoff User
                rwinsta $userid /server:$ts_server

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